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washer and the dryer and some built-in. do you have a fuse box we have the hot. open also up into the living area so. well suppose you’ve got high ceilings. better number two is right next to. rare four faces the side of the home to. home at 8520 90 hair Elena Fort Worth. sorry it’s a little dark in there we. closet multiple shelving and then bed in. 7425 snow ridge dr fort worth texas 76. contact with you so we come to the top. so again that’s the home at 8520 90 here. kitchen we also have the staircase up to. today the features of this amazing. one two three three bedrooms two. bedroom of the property also with the. the full bath downstairs you’ve got a. a huge walk-in closet. also has one car garage. which is also at the rear of the home. features of this property this property. I’m not going to open the door again but. the backyard we do have a large patio. and patio door to the backyard. start ahead there we do have the second. yard it’s a little windy out there so. the access to the back fence yard. 3412 woodlark Fort Worth Texas seven six. you like this property you can apply. scroll down to setting for 25 snow ridge. hallway immediately to our right is a. kitchen features a 12 x 12 tile flooring. windows also features a large walk-in. have plenty of natural light. guest bathroom and then we’ll go to the. master bedroom does have a linoleum. tour the back is where you will find the. toilet shower tub combo. 9f3baecc53

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